Everyone has a right and desire to live a happy life but people are filled with imperfections and almost every second human in this world is suffering from different diseases and disabilities. Out of which one is infertility. The most efficient instinct of a human mind is finding solutions and alternatives for the problems we face in our life. If we leave the quandary as it is, the world will not progress and things will start going into extinction. As science has already informed the humans about the logics of In Vitro Fertilization. Countries should focus on spreading such technologies in all other the world to protect the souls and living beings from getting collided with vanishing.

Western and European countries have been spending decades to make the ivf technology as upgraded and advanced as possible. This is why people seem satisfied with the environment and accept the nature that happens in their fates. They have learned to operate the natural cause with alternatives they are blessed with.

Destruction occurs when people are away from education. Half of the population in world is attached with culture. A scientific research says that when people spend so much time living according to their culture, they become less aware and conscious. As various cultures don’t allow the followers to use an alternative way of re-production except the physical intercourse of male and female. People need to understand that life never walks on the same track. To find ease, we have to keep switching the paths for our betterment.

People of middle east prefer following their culture more than scientific education. But ivf in Dubai is grabbing a flow calmly as the government of dubai has started bringing research in vision after luxury. A hope for infertile people of middle east is glowing because technology travels from place to place with the speed of light. Other countries like India, Turkey and Bangladesh are also working on ivf to make it utilizable for the people in the most convenient way possible. Funds and donations from all over the world are helping the researchers and doctors to discover and collect more and more samples for the elevation of such technologies. This is truly the most social and sympathetic way of making this world a better place.

Incomprehension of hurdles should never be the option. Ignoring the issue and calling it a natural cause is the reason why millions of female remain infertile and male infertility never comes to the light of cure.