A human is statue of wishes and wants. That’s the reason why a person wishes for Armani’s sweaters,  Gucci’s leather jackets, CR7’s perfumes, branded suits, fine dinner from five star restaurants and residence at the luxurious and posh areas and societies which are facilitated with swimming pool, gymnasium, cleaning staff, prayer room, kids’ playing area and many other relaxation places.

However, wishes are not limited. Many dream to migrate to another country to get a gateway to fulfill rest of the wishes with security, freedom and happiness.

Earth shelters 193 on whole but only a few are recommended for lifestyle lovers to migrate. And out of these a few, only a few guarantee security, employment and budget-friendliness. These a few countries are:

  1. Finland: If you want to live in a place where you would have super security and double fun besides having heart-deepening sceneries because of the presence of different rivers,  mountainous areas, malls, natural places that can glue your eyes when you sit there to watch sunrise or sunset, then Finland is the best place. It’s education system, and different sector offer number of employment opportunities and provide basic necessities for cheap.
  2. Malaysia: If you want a place where you are free to follow your religion completely, them Malaysia is the best place to live in. The place is peaceful, beautiful and offers thousands of opportunities to its citizens.
  3. Australia: Australia is the most pleasing place for those people who want privacy, decency with modishness, affordability, security and guaranteed happiness. The city has that lifestyle and culture that let every immigrant to adjust easily with time.
  4. Canada: Canada is like Australia. It offers what you want. So decide according to its 2nd citizenship programs and your job opportunities.
  5. Germany: If you value security and lifestyle,  then Germany is also not bad. It is the hub of known educational institutes and universities that offer scholarships to foreign students which your children can avail too.
  6. Iceland: Iceland is one of such countries that accept the immigrants whole heartedly and give you second passport easily so you don’t need to wait or look for second passport UAE.
  7. Switzerland: Switzerland is a country where you can be yourself. You don’t need to afraid of society and cultural acceptance.

So, these are top seven countries to migrate. Plan the immigration and have the life of your choice!