Animation is a process which takes a lot of keen concentration and hard work by skilled professionals. Any short movie, movie or proper series which is animated goes through several processes – main three of them are the pre-production, production and post-production. 

Here we will guide you through the long processes in easy words for you to understand, suggested by a 3D animation company in Dubai.

Pre Production

This process is similar to all the other filming processes, a story is laid out the concepts are built, and turned into a full story. Once the script is finalized, the camera angles and sequence is decided.


Now comes the fun part. The finalized story is brought to life by comic strips as it helps in conveying the ideas and development of characters. The animation starts to make way as the scenes with small blurbs of scripts are written to explain what is happening in the lifeless short as the camera takes up and shots are exchanged.


The scenes are staged as the costumes and location of characters are decided as per suggested by the director. These layouts are necessary as they are beginning to the finalization of set scenes making sure that everything is in place where it is supposed to be.

Model Sheet

Once the characters are being processed, their outlook is finalized, a model sheet is processed which creates all types of different expressions that a character can make and the movements that can occur in their demonar, the positions they can take and all the other fun stuff.


The animatics are the next step directly after story boarding, they are the VFX that are applied once after they are finalized. After the animatics, final production starts with proper drawing of animation and other stuff starts.


This process is exactly what it sounds like, this is held in post production studios Dubai, where each and every color theory is applied, textures are finalized, the linear is brought to life and visual as well as audio effects are put in. This process needs to be taken out very carefully as it will decide the upcoming look of the movie which is producing. You need to make sure that the artists which are hired are extremely expert in their part which will make it easy to avoid the rookie troubles.