The day of a person’s birth an occasion or you can say the most special occasions in someone’s life the day he celebrates for being well up till now.

Birthday means celebration and obviously, a party on a birthday is like the cherry on the cake…

Necessary things for a good birthday party:

A bonfire birthday party is only possible with cake, music, poppers, candles etc.


So starting with a cake, the most important ingredient for a quality birthday party either it’s a small gathering or a huge function cake is mandatory.

There are a lot of bakeries in Dubai making mouth-watering cakes to make our day special.

The cake is a dessert liked by everyone anywhere. But for birthdays there are special and different kinds of cakes are available as a cake with a number is written on it or a cartoon cake, velvet cakes, chocolate, pineapple, mango and even butter cakes. People usually like chocolate cakes. And almost every kind of birthday cakes in Dubai is easily available.


Along with cake, the other most essential thing in a birthday is obviously a gift.

The gift is a symbol of love for someone without the intention of any returns. Gifts show our presence, love and appreciation in other person life.

Value of gifts:

The gift makes a birthday memorable everyone gives a present to the birthday person to show his or her affection to him or according to some old saying to protect him from the evil spirits. By giving gifts we don’t even realize the way over love gets stronger. We give people to show them we are grateful for having them in our lives.

Promotional gifts:             

Along with family and friends, public figures or social media personalities also receive gifts from local or international brands these are called promotional gifts. Promotional gifts are usually given for an advertisement purpose.

Promotional gifts by brands are nowadays a common thing in Dubai also

Promotional gifts are things with a logo or label of the firm on it in order to advance or advertise the product. Promotional gifts in Dubai and everywhere is usually given to the public personalities like actors, singers or even most liked social media person or some blogger receive these gifts on their birthdays as local public always look forward to their lifestyles so it’s an additional promotion of the brand’s product.